Productivity Solutions for Infection Control and Interim Life Safety Measures.

Healthrisk Technologies, Inc.
is proud to introduce our
premier product, the Portable Electronic Risk Managment
Interface, or PERMIT
. A digital implementation program
for Infection
and Life Safety Compliance.

A fully portable breakthrough technology aimed
at providing healthcare providors with a total solution to the increasingly
complex process of altering and maintaining healthcare facilities.

PERMIT solution
integrates state of the art hand held technology
and data capture programming to comprehensive
Infection Control
and Interim
Life Safety

The result, is a tool that dramatically facilitates a healthcare
providors necessity ensure patient safety as well as conformance
with JCAHO and Guidelines standards.


Zoom Pills / Energize & Recharge your body and mind naturally

How to  increase your body’s energy production through health, organization and mental motivation.  Filled with useful tips  for people of all ages, including a special section for mothers. Filled with over 30 valuable tips and insights for natural energy production, tips to look and feel younger, improve your concentration and maximize your motivation at home or work..


People worldwide have discovered nature’s secret to long lasting, youthful physical energy and mental focus!*

Many people face a energy crisis everyday. The increasing demands of everyday life, the never ending “to-do list”, the long hours at work, family activities, household chores – no wonder you don’t have enough mental or physical energy!

works so well that you will wonder how something so simple can be so effective…try it and see for yourself why so many call

is the all natural fast acting, long lasting supplement that positively donates energy from head to toe.* You will feel great in body and mind, allowing you to accomplish even your most challenging tasks, making the most of everyday!*

is the all natural fast acting, long lasting supplement that positively donates energy from head to toe.* You will feel great in body and mind, allowing you to accomplish even your most challenging tasks, making the most of everyday!*

  1. Fighting Fatigue & Combating Exhaustion*
  2. Boundless Endurance & Stamina*
  3. Improved Metabolism*
  4. Increased Productivity*
  5. Improved Athletic Performance*
  6. Increased Reaction Speed*
  7. Boosted Concentration, Focus & Attention*
  8. Alertness & Mental Clarity*
  9. Overall Feeling of Well Being and
    Youthful Vitality
  10. Improves Mood, Motivation and Outlook*


We are Core Science Medica the company that has formulated  Zoom.
We have been developing Specialty Supplements and Lifestyle Systems for over 15 years. We are based in west palm beach Florida with product research and development laboratories in New Jersey, Maine, London, Argentina and Brazil.
Our research and development team consists of experts’ in both traditional medicine and natural health care. We combine age old natural remedies from around the globe and cutting edge scientific technologies to create our products and programs.  We strongly believe in a more natural, preventive approach to health care.  We invite you to get to know us and wish you happiness in health!

No No, Not quite what you thinking but it may be the word that makes you want to scream every day!
Fatigue is your body’s way
of telling you that enough is enough, it means that the energy stores in your body have been depleted.

If you’re familiar with fatigue you feel tired, washed out, drained, mentally shut down! You’re too tired to accomplish the things that you need to do,
let alone the things youwant to do.</span>


Information on Met Life Insurance Company – An Overview of Metropolitan Life

If you are arcade for activity allowance affairs are you are accomplishing so to assure your ancestors financially in the accident of your death. Finding the appropriate aggregation will be analytical to ensure that they are appropriately protected. While there are abounding places and companies that will advertise you activity allowance one of the leaders and one of the nations better is the Met Activity allowance company.

The Metropolitan activity allowance aggregation was started in the backward 1800’s in New York City. The companies aboriginal name was the National Union Activity and Limb Allowance Company. Since it apprehensive ancestry the aggregation has developed into a admired all-around allowance baton with profits that beat 1 billion dollars annually.

Met activity has been admired as one of Americas best run allowance companies and is awful accepted in the areas of chump account and the alert altercation chargeless paying of action claims. This solid charge to their barter has consistently becoming them AA ratings from some of the top allowance appraisement groups such as Standard & Poor and Forbes.

Metropolitan activity not alone offers a advanced array of activity allowance polices like term, accepted and accomplished activity but they aswell action a advanced ambit of added articles as able-bodied like disability, home owners and auto insurance.

In accession to their ample allowance offerings Met activity offers their barter a ample bulk of investment and banking planning articles as well. This makes them a abundant one stop boutique for a lot of of your banking and allowance needs.

Back to Health Chiropractic Center, San Juan, PR| Where Fitness and Physique Diverge

Looks are Deceiving

Just because you think you eat right or “pretty good,” think you get enough exercise, or even see a chiropractor regularly or occasionally, does not mean you’re protected from cancer! Doing these things correctly prevents or fights cancer. I was working out, eating well, and getting adjusted for years. If you looked at me, I looked healthy! But I wasn’t. The cancers they found in my body had been building for a long time.

With nutrition, I was eating a lot of fitness foods without a focus on quality, and my supplements were mostly synthetic rather than whole foods. I also didn’t work out to support a healthy system, I just lifted heavy weights. So I looked great, but wasn’t developing the kind of oxygen-efficient body that makes one the most effective Cancer Killer.

If you don’t optimize and maintain your central nervous system, you’re negating the area that plays the largest role in helping your immune system handle today’s toxic environment. I was getting adjusted every week, but the wrong way. It wasn’t corrective care. After 14 years of care, my cervical spine was still in terrible condition and continuing to interfere with ” to organs and tissues.

On top of all that, I’d never addressed the massive toxic overload that my body was under. I’d lived in several new homes and office build outs the last several years before my diagnosis. Because of the new construction, I’d been exposed to all of the chemically-treated building materials that emit gas that’s absorbed by the body but can’t be metabolized without help.

So, yes, I appeared perfectly healthy! I looked like I ate healthy! I was adjusted, but it wasn’t corrective care and it was done the wrong way. Additionally, the toxic burden I’d been exposed to was rapidly overwhelming my system. That’s why it’s so important to never judge your health by the way you look physically, or because you think you do one area like nutrition or fitness pretty well. Your ability to be truly well and prevent chronic disease is determined by how closely you live according to these 5 Essentials.

What Health Really Looks Like

In reality, health has little—very little—to do with how you look and how you feel. Conversely, the way your body functions is a near picture-perfect indicator of just how healthy you really are. Maximized Living doctors around the globe are hosting a Community Dinner to teach patients which signs to examine and which to overlook when working to get healthy. Interested in attending?

” and be sure to ask for the event’s specific time and location.

— Original excerpt written by Dr. Charles Majors, published in “The Cancer Killers”

RX – Tramadol and Fioricet


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This website is operated by ERRX, LLC. We are a marketing firm that advertises products. As such, all aspects of the ordering process are handled by Millenium Pharmaceuticals. MPLLC has a strict policy against selling controlled medications and carries only non-controlled substances. Because of this you can order with confidence.

Health – Web Resources

Issues Ebooks

Health issues ebooks offers quality information on how to overcome
common ailments, disease and other health related issues to help
you maintain your body, and stay in tip top shape so you can enjoy
a long, fit and healthy life.

Issues Tips

Health issues tips. Com offers quality information on how to overcome
common ailments, disease and other health related issues to help
you maintain your body, and stay in tip top shape so you can enjoy
a long, fit and healthy life.

Pregnancy Symptoms

In this article, you will learn about what to look for in your body
if you think you might be pregnant.


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Machine, Magnetic Rings Of Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures

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To Lose Weight

The quiet stomach provides comprehensive weight loss programs on
how to lose weight under professional weight management.

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Discover the Benefits of Choosing a Professional Dental Clinic В» My Kids Health

More and more people have come to realize that choosing a professional clinic that provides good amenities, a friendly atmosphere and professional staff is an essential requirement in our modern age, where everyone wants the benefit of the best services available on the market. When health is concerned, nobody wants to make a wrong choice, therefore it is important to ensure that you choose the right dental clinic that will meet all of your individual needs.

One of theprincipal benefits of going to a top-quality dental clinic is that you can take advantage of the latest amenities and technology. When choosing a clinic, always look for the basic amenities, and only after ensuring those needs are met should you look for extra tools and systems. Another benefit of choosing a professional clinic is the friendly staff and atmosphere you can experience there. Before making a final decision about the dental clinic, you should pay them a visit or at least ask friends and relatives about their experience there. If you do not know anyone who has visited it before, you can browse the Internet for reviews and opinions from past and current patients.

If you want to change the appearance of your teeth, both braces and veneers have their own unique benefits that make them the ideal choice for people who want to permanently improve their smile. Braces correct and treat a wide range of problems, such as uneven spaces, gaps and crowded misalignment, and also offer long-term benefits that include healthier face muscles, a reduction of injuries in front teeth, less gum disease and fewer swallowing and speech problems.

Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a wide variety of surgical procedures and correction techniques that are specially designed to brighten and whiten yellow teeth, straighten teeth, give your smile better symmetry and cover or repair cracked, chipped or broken teeth. ” procedures such as veneers, dental implants and bonding are becoming increasingly popular, especially since they can be done quickly and easily by your local dental centre. Choosing a professional dental centre that provides you with both general and cosmetic services will allow you to experience the benefit of only having to visit one all-inclusive centre.

Author Bio

Fiona Strobach recently moved and was looking for a professional ” that could meet all of her dental needs. Fiona continues to have a great experience with the Dawson Dental Centres and recommends that you visit to learn more.

Cognitive Behavorial Therapy – Mental Health Professionals PC


During the 1960s, an era that spawned great changes throughout the spectrum of society, psychiatrist Aaron T. Beck became disenchanted with the limitations of accepted Freudian type psychoanalysis, based on unconscious emotions and drives.  With the world bursting in new ideas and inventions everywhere, Beck felt that the old methods of treatment were too passive. Perhaps a remnant of Darwinism, mainstream analytic thought was that only lower class organisms behaved only as the result of outside stimuli.

The book. “Depression Causes and Treatment.” that he completed in 1967, derived from detailed personal observation of patients, Beck came to the conclusion that working on the internalization and personal spin and interpretation of their own encounters and interactions, scientifically known as, cognition, could unlock the door to therapeutic breakthroughs.  He identified and labeled factors that chronically and severely might create unresponsive depression.  The criteria include, over generalization, arbitrary inference, selective abstraction, as well as overly critical magnification of any shortcomings and petty minimalization of praising any successful accomplishment.  This led him to seek out the fundamental foundational ways that the individual processes emotional and informational data and stimuli, from the mundane to the universal.

In the course of scientific achievement, nothing happens in a vacuum.  Coincidentally, Albert Ellis was approaching depression in a parallel fashion.  His theory was titled, “Rational emotive behavior therapy.”  As time passed and strategies of different theories cross pollinated, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy emerged.  The goal of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to assist the person identify and change “distorted” or “unrealistic” ways of thinking.  Since therapy is the mechanism that energizes both emotion and then behavior, treatment is a collaborative effort, the patient of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has far more empowerment than in more traditional modes.  

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is also a type of psychotherapy effective when irrational thoughts are the catalyst for anxiety disorders, phobias, and other dysfunctional behavior like disfunctional sleep patterns, bipolar disorder and OCD.  Thought distortions cause psychological distress and subsequently, harmful behavioral patterns.  Along with proper mood stabilizing medications, cognitive behavior therapy can break those repetitive thinking patterns.  The therapist strives to understand the point of view of the patient.  The therapist can then help correct the patient by testing thier irrational thoughts against reality.  Coping strategies and techniques to improve awareness, introspection and evaluation are taught.  Self empowerment is achieved by the daily homework that the patient must work on to reduce relliance on the theapist and rely more on newly discovered skills.

Hosana Home Health Care Services

“Meet our November employee of the month,Caroline Wavai! Caroline has been with the company for many years.She not only does a great job with her client but is always willing to fill in when needed. Her dedication to her client is remarkable.The client enjoys Caroline’s company  and looks forward to her visits. Caroline is very enthusiastic, energetic and takes the initiative. She takes pride in her work and her positive attitude helps the client feel more energetic.She accompanies the client to leisure activities and more.Caroline is always on time and very good with he clients. She is very conscientious, concerned and has a great attitude. All around Caroline is excellent.


Mercy Kitonga-HR


“This has been a difficult time for our family. Our Beautiful loving and
caring Mother has Dementia. Its been 3  1/2 years and it began to be
just too much to handle for our family, we had to get help. Not just
help but the best care possible. In our minds we all thought that this
would be impossible because who can be that caring and loving to our
Mother like her own family would be. We thought no one could. So COSA
set us up with the Hosana Home Health Care agency. In July 2013 in walks Caroline M. Wavai,  with a sweet smile and a very warm and caring greeting. I cried tears of joy on seeing the confidence that Caroline had and just how she presented herself. I knew from that moment that we had a good person, caring, compassionate and peace loving person. From that day on, Caroline has cared for our mother. She not only met our mother’s physical needs but did her best to make her laugh and keep her happy giving her the utmost care.

My mother truly loves Caroline. Our family is so grateful for
Caroline. We know what an important contribution Caroline has made in our
mother’s and also our family lives. It  brings us such comfort and
peace to know that our mother has such good care. It is people like
Caroline who are an asset to the health care system and to your agency.
You should be proud to have such an excellent employee who represents
Hosana Health Care very well.  God Bless you Caroline and thank you.”

Hamill Family.