Best supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

The human body is a marvel of nature’s engineering. The compact set up of many organs, cells, tissues, systems and glands working in tandem and synced manner keeps it going day after day. Like the many glands in the human body, we are all blessed with a pair of adrenal glands which rest on top of our kidneys. One might ask a few questions about these adrenal glands.

What are adrenal glands?
As has been mentioned above, these glands rest above the kidneys. The pair of them are responsible for providing and secreting into the human body, adrenaline which makes us ready to face any situation, be it stress, fight or flight. The glands release Glucocorticoids like Hydrocortisone and Corticosterone which are important and regulate how carbohydrates, fat and proteins are converted to energy in the body and regulates the cardiovascular functions and blood pressure, immune responses and allergic or inflammatory reactions.

What are the consequences if the glands don’t function properly?

If the glands don’t work properly or are undergoing adrenal fatigue, it would give way to many diseases or illness in the human body.

* Addison’s disease: situation where there is not enough production of cortisol, a hormone responsible for stress response and regulating blood glucose

* Cancer of adrenal

* Cushing’s syndrome: An antonym of the Addison’s disease it is characterised by excessive production of cortisol leads to obesity, menstrual problems, hypertension, excessive hair growth and emotional turmoil.

* Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

What is adrenal fatigue?

As the name suggests, adrenal fatigue is a result of glands functioning below their normal levels as a result of excessive and long periods of stress or due to some acute and chronic diseases. The symptoms are not external and hence that makes it tough to recognize of pin point the problem. People who suffer from the syndrome tend to feel unwell and low and try to pep up themselves by excessive consumption of beverages that have stimulants.

The syndrome is caused due to excessive stress as suggested above and sometimes due to improper diet or lack of nutrients that are vital and crucial to the production of the many hormones, enzymes and Glucocorticoids by these glands. Making a change to the food and diet can help rectify the situation.
What are the best supplements for Adrenal fatigue?

It is important to mention here and understand that any disease and health problem should be diagnosed and confirmed by the doctor. Once your medical practitioner affirms the problem, it is important you use some of the best Adrenal support supplements in this situation.

* Ashwaghanda: A much more scientific name is adaptogen and it helps the reinstate or recover the ability to fight helps reduce anxiety and induce peaceful sleep.

* Magnesium: It is important for manufacture of the enzymes and hormones in the body and hence its deficiency could be at the core of the problem. Consult your doctor and ensure you get enough magnesium so that the balance can be restored and fatigue can be overcome.

* Vitamin C: This vitamin is needed for the production of aldosterone, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine – and the synthesis of testosterone, and cortisol, all enzymes and hormones manufactured by the pair. Any deficiency in Vitamin C can lead to trouble for the glands.

Ever Thought Of Using Hypnosis To Stop Smoking ?

Millions of people decide to quit smoking each other. Smoking, after all, takes up a ton of time and money. And it comes with a whole package, it seems, of health risks, including lung cancer among other illnesses and diseases. So is it any wonder than many people decide to stop smoking? Quitting smoking is not as easy as 1, 2, 3, but hypnosis to stop smoking may offer a solution to those who want to quit and are having trouble with other treatments.

Because of the addiction a smoker has to the nicotine, it can be difficult to stop smoking if they decide to quit. Some methods When a smoker decides to quit smoking, they’ll find they are physically and mentally addicted to the nicotine. The cravings for nicotine lead to withdrawal symptoms. Those quitting smoking may decide to use the nicotine patch or pill. However, these methods of nicotine delivery means do not always work and can reinforce the need for nicotine. Hypnosis to stop smoking, on the other hand, seeks to redress the underlying reasons that a person smokes.

Hypnosis is more than simply a state of relaxation. It is a state of relaxation in which the individual is concentrated on a problem or situation. A hypnotized individual is able to delve into their subconscious mind. In this concentrated state, they can effectively reprogram the dealings of their subconscious mind, which in turn, will change their behavior once they are no longer hypnotized. No other method can allow an individual to reach their subconscious mind; that’s what so amazing about hypnosis.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not the hocus-pocus we’ve come to associate with it. In reality, hypnosis is different from the mysterious trance you see in motion pictures. If you get in touch with your subconscious mind, you are hypnotizing yourself. For instance, if you are very busy and have many things to do when you leave your job, you consider all the tasks you having waiting for you when you go home. Usually your mind is racing with thoughts and you don’t worry about how to go home. You manage to get home without instructions or stopping to think about how you go there or even riding in your car, it’s become an automatic process. This is similar to being hypnotized and this resource can be utilized when you want to quit smoking.

Hypnotherapy is a good tool to help you quit smoking. While nicotine products such as patches and gums can be helpful, the help is limited. The replacement nicotine alleviates physical withdrawal symptoms. Keep in mind that although this can make it less painful to stop smoking, treating withdrawal is not the whole job. Hypnosis can assist you in giving up smoking for good. By entering into a relaxed state and exploring your sub-conscious you can change your viewpoint on smoking altogether and actually quit smoking.

Hypnosis will give you the chance to counteract all of the positive associations your body has made with smoking, and replace these damaging thoughts with a more logical anti-smoking thought process. If your subconscious mind believes that smoking is unhealthy and must be ceased, then your conscious mind will follow as well.

Hypnosis can help you control the stress that comes out of the withdrawal period for nicotine withdrawal. This will help with the physical symptoms as surely as any stop smoking aid. All in all, hypnosis to stop smoking can be an effective choice for those smokers looking to quit.

Lose Weight With Colon Cleansing

We all know being overweight is a big thorny issue in the US as well as other countries in the world.

So why are most of us overweight then? Some of it is probably due to genetics – anyone who says genetics has nothing to do with it is just plain lying.

The fact is that some of us are just easy to get overweight. However, this does not mean we should all just give up and not do anything about it.

There are many ways to loose weight, and it does not have to involve wasting money on the latest “fad” diet pills, formulas, or even surgeries.

Instead of trying to find a “quick” one-time over the counter solution, we should actually focus on finding natural, healthy ways to restore our good health, and clean up our digestive system naturally..

An efficient digestive system, will help our body weight restored to normal.

My grand aunt was very strict in her dietary habits. When she was asked if she was hungry, she would say “No at all, my stomach is not clean”.

She will refuse to eat if she did not have a bowel movement that day. And most of us probably do not follow this particular criteria in our daily lives.

They continue to eat large amounts of unhealthy processed foods.

If we get constipated for a couple of days, we simply take a over the counter toxic laxative or go to the doctor, and pop in a quick pill.

When we become bored, we usually do not think of apple or orange, but for a salted pretzel, or potatoes chips. Years and years of eating these foods that do not digest properly clog up our intestine colon with accumulated debris and toxic matter.

This coating of toxins becomes the breeding ground for the dangerous bacteria, and mucous plaque. The pounds and pounds of mucous plaque leads to constant bloating, and often the obesity.

So, being overweight is in reality the result of an unhealthy diet (more so than over-eating).

Our ancestors never ate junk such as potato chips, French fries. The only things they ate were organic natural foods that were meant to be digested by mankind – berries, game meat, nuts and seeds.

Not only was obesity not an issue in the past, but other digestive diseases such as hemorrhoids and Crohn’s disease were never known.

To start restoring our digestive system to good health, and as a result lose weight, we need to do regular colon cleansing.

Colon Cleansing is definitely not a “quick” one-time solution, unlike diet pills. In fact, I often perform colon cleansing for maintenance at least twice a year (8 weeks total every year).

Cleansing will help remove all those pounds of mucous plaque that is clogging up our colon.

The benefits to this are two-fold: we lose weight and our internal digestive system becomes more efficient.

The nutrients are absorbed more properly and easily, and not only do we look slimmer, but our skin also looks smoother, and we also become more energized.

And therefore, no need to spend money on those diet pills.

Colon cleansing involves natural herbs.

Not Following The Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines May Delay Diagnosis

The second largest number of cancer fatalities is from colon cancer.. Every year, about 48,000 men and women will pass away from colon cancer. Many of these deaths could be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment by routine colon cancer testing of asymptomatic people.

When the disease is detected while it is still a small polyp in the course of a routine screening test, such as a colonoscopy, the polyp might be able to be taken out during the colonoscopy. At this point, there is no requirement for the surgical removal of any segment of the colon. In the event the polyp grows into a tumor and reaches Stage 1 or Stage 2, the tumor and a section of the colon on both sides of the tumore is surgical removed. The odds that the person will survive the cancer is over ninety percent for Stage 1 and 73% for Stage 2.

When the cancer gets to a Stage III, surgery is no longer sufficient and the person also needs to undergo chemotherapy. The relative 5-year survival rate drops to fifty three percent, depending on such variables as the number of lymph nodes that show up positive for cancer.

As soon as the colon cancer metastasizes, treatment might call for undergoing chemotherapy and perhaps other drugs and even surgery on other organs. In case the size and number of tumors in other organs (such as the liver and lungs) are sufficiently few, surgery to eliminate the cancer from those other organs might be the initial treatment, followed by chemotherapy. In some cases the size or quantity of tumors in the other organs removes the option of surgery as a treatment.

If chemotherapy and other drugs are able to lower the quantity and dimensions of these tumors, surgery may at that point turn out to be an option as the second form of treatment. If not, chemotherapy and various drugs (possibly through clinical trials) may temporarily halt or lessen the ongoing spread of the cancer. With metastasis the person’s chance of outliving the cancer for greater than five years subsequent to diagnosis falls to approximately 8%.

The statistics are clear. The time frame in which the colon cancer is diagnosed and treated makes a significant difference. If detected and treated early, the individual has a high likelihood of outliving the cancer. As detection and treatment is delayed, the probability starts shifting from the person so that once the colon cancer advances to the lymph nodes, the probability is almost 50/50. Further the chances decrease precipitously once the colon cancer metastasizes.

However, too frequently doctors do not recommend standard cancer screening to their patients. When the cancer is finally diagnosed – many times due to the fact that the tumor has grown so large that it is leading to blockage, because the individual is losing blood internally and that condition is worsening, or since the individual begins to detect other indications – the colon cancer has already advanced to a Stage 3 or even a Stage 4. The patient now confronts a much different outlook than he or she would have if the cancer had been diagnosed early by routine screening tests.

Attorneys who handle cancer cases often refer to this as a “loss of chance” of a better recovery. That is to say, since the doctor did not advisev that the patient have a routine screening test, the cancer is now considerably more advanced and the person has a much reduced likelihood of outliving the cancer. The failure of a physician to recommend the individual undergo screening options for colon cancer might constitute medical malpractice.

You need to contact a lawyer at once if you feel your colon cancer was not diagnosed until it had already reached an advanced stage due to a physician’s not suggesting routine colon cancer screening. This article is for general educational purposes only and is not intended to be legal (or medical) advice. For any health concerns, contact a physician. If you believe you may have a medical malpractice case contact an attorney without delay. A competent lawyer experienced in handling cancer cases can help you determine whether you have a claim for a delay in the diagnosis of colon cancer from a failure on the part of a doctor to recommend colon cancer screening. The law limits the amount of time you have to pursue a case so do not wait to call an attorney.

Baby Acid Reflux: PROTECT Your Baby from Acid Reflux

Baby acid reflux is a condition that doctors have not yet completely researched and that is often a little misunderstood as well. From recent statistics, one fifth or so of the eight million babies born each year in the US suffer from acid reflux, and babies with handicaps that are developmental or neurological are even more at risk from this condition.

In simple, physical terms, acid reflux is a problem in the digestive system, which can be corrected. In a healthy person, the lower esophageal sphincter (the name for the circular muscle acting as a valve at the junction of the stomach and the esophagus) stops stomach acid from flowing back up the esophagus. Acid reflux happens when that sphincter cannot maintain the acids in the stomach so that acids move into the throat sometimes attaining the larynx. Numerous symptoms can result from acid reflux leading to complications like pain, infections, ulcers, problems in eating, voice disorders and even cancer in the long run.

Baby acid reflux can be particularly difficult to diagnose and treat. Because an infant cannot give verbal expression to his or her feelings, it is difficult to determine if he or she is suffering from a medical problem. In addition, reflux condition is easy to confuse with usual vomiting in babies. For the first 3 to 4 months of an infant’s life, frequent vomiting happens in half of all cases, with a peak at 4 months. Vomiting is both painful and distressing when caused by acid reflux.

To correctly diagnose infant acid reflux, it is necessary to identify several further symptoms of acid reflux. Besides sporadic vomiting, these infant acid reflux symptoms include: infections of the middle ear, enlargement of the adenoids, pains in the abdomen, anemia, asthma, crying non-stop, awakening at night without reason, vomiting of blood (hematemesis), continual coughing, a high-pitched sound when breathing, repeated croup, resistance to feeding and inflammation of the nose and the sinus. The best solution for correct diagnosis of infant acid reflux is to have a specialist diagnosis performed by an ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor or a gastroenterologist.

Possibilities for remedies to gastroesophageal reflux disease can be: medicaments, surgery and holistic programs. However, even for adult patients, surgery is rarely an option in normal situations. For baby acid reflux, neither medicament nor surgery is optimal answers. Medicaments may be sub-optimal in particular for infants for any of the three reasons below:

1. Medicaments treat the acid reflux symptoms but do not fix the fundamental cause of the condition.

2. Medicaments for acid reflux can cause multiple secondary effects that are difficult to identify in infants.

3. Medicaments for acid reflux can interfere with an infant’s immune system, meaning a weakened and vulnerable immunity, possibly leading to different health complications other than acid reflux as well as the aggravation of acid reflux.

Altering feeding and sleeping position was also seen to be of benefit in treating baby acid reflux. Research demonstrated that a transition to soy-based formula from cow’s milk based formula gave a 40% recovery rate for babies. Other research showed GERD symptoms juice products as an aggravating factor for baby acid reflux. The best solution to baby acid reflux is a holistic one while taking into account a global set of changes in diet and lifestyle. Strong credence is lent to this concept by research done recently.

Information that You Must Be Aware of About Secondhand Smoke

According to the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) second hand smoke is a Group A carcinogen. Secondhand smoke can actually be described as a deadly cocktail as it consists of poisons along with carcinogens. Typically, there are more than 4000 chemical compounds in secondhand smoke; two hundred of which are recognized as toxic, and more than 60 of these have been identified as carcinogens.

Whenever a cigarette is smoked, approximately half of the smoke is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker, called mainstream smoke and the other half floats around in the air considered to be side stream smoke as mentioned in blu cigs review. The mixture of mainstream and side stream smoke makes up environmental tobacco smoke which we will call ETS. ETS plays a big role in more health conditions than you would possibly comprehend. This suggests why it is so crucial that you have smoking bans. No one should be obliged to breathe in air which is contaminated with cigarette smoke.

Secondhand smoke is a name used to describe cigarette smoke that comes from two sources: Smoke which is exhaled by the smoker and smoke produced by a smoldering cigarette. Secondhand smoke is known to have a minimum of 250 poisonous chemical compounds, together with 50 cancer-causing substances. Based on the U.S. Surgeon General, there is no such thing as a risk-free degree of exposure to secondhand smoke. Blu cigs reviews have highlighted this fact in the same way.

Some chemical compounds present in smoke simply turn into carcinogenic as soon as they’ve come into contact with specific enzymes found in most of the tissues of the human body. This simply implies that if one smells cigarette smoke in the air, his health will be at stake. Blu electronic cigarette review listed a few cancers associated to passive smoking which consist of nasal sinus cavity cancer, cervical cancer, bladder cancer and lung cancer which kill about 3000 non smokers yearly.

Secondhand smoke could also mean dangers to children. Some of these possible problems brought about by smoke include low birth weight for gestational age, a number of infections, asthma and chronic respiratory symptoms like cough and panting. Moms who smoked while pregnant also alleviate the chances of their child to have the most dreaded Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Secondhand smoke can lead to a serious health problem and this should be a concern for individuals who breathes it in. Non-smokers inhaling secondhand smoke share a number of health risks smokers are facing so do not underestimate the hazards of ETS. While secondhand smoke may not kill people as smoking does, it is still considered toxic and claims numerous lives every year around the world. Therefore, it is time to consider blu electronic cigarette reviews.

Try Colon Cleansing Herbs For Bowel and Colon Problems

Detoxification is the important process that is needed to be taken in order to solve the bowel and colon problems. Let us discuss about the natural Colon Cleansing Herbs that will help in detoxification of the body organs and solving bowel problems. The organs that suffer from this problem are

– Kidney
– Heart
– Liver
– Blood in the veins

The herbs that are used to treat these problems due to colon toxification are explained here for the reference of the patient.

– Blood Cleansing Herbs: Garlic, Red clove, Chaparral Tea
– Liver Cleansing Herbs: Dandelion, Golden seal
– Kidney: Parsley leaf, Golden seal
– Heart: All blood cleansing herbs

The way to use these herbs is simple as they can be done in the home itself. Consumption and dosage of these herbs needs some expert advice. Garlic is the best medicine for cleaning the blood and the heart from being toxified by the irregular bowel movement and constipation. They prevent blood cancer, colon cancer and other heart disease.

Licorice root is a natural herb that will be administrated as a colon cleansing herb. It is a natural herb that is used to remove poisonous substance from the body even from the colon. It is used in the form of a laxative. Psyllium is a most effective fiber in the form of an herb. It is an insoluble herb that is very effective and can be taken in the form of an herb.

Golden seal root is used as the detoxifier for liver and kidney. The function of liver and kidney is most important for the body. This medicine has some steps that are to be taken before consuming it.

– This is root herb that is available in the form of capsules and supplements.
– They are to be taken only once in a day according to the physician advice
– They are not recommended for children.
– It should not be used by pregnant and lactating women.
– It is also not advised for patients with kidney problems

Flax seed is a type of herb that can reduce the inflammatory disease inside the body especially in the intestinal tract and the colon region. They are natural healing substances. The other type of seed called the Fennel seed will do proper digestion process and reduces gas accumulation in the body.

Papaya fruit has a different effect in the curing process. The use of papaya fruit as herb will help in dissolving the hardened Faucal matter in the colon and thus providing the path to be exited through the rectum. It is a natural laxative in the colon cleansing process.

Apart from these colon cleansing herbs many others like the pectin of grape fruit, Guar Gum, Alfalfa leaf, green leafy vegetables, worm wood powder which is a de wormer that kills the parasites in the intestine are also used in the treatment of colon diseases. Herbal cleansing is easy though correct use of herb is needed according to the cause of the problem for the disease.

Stay Abreast of Breast Cancer

Its breast cancer month and we are all about early detection and awareness. Every woman should do regular breast examinations to check for unusual lumps that may be dangerous, yet few women actually know how to perform these checks on themselves. Let us educate you on all the things you need to about your lady lumps.

How often should I check myself for lumps?

All women, regardless of age, should know how to check themselves for lumps and should do so on a monthly basis. In addition, professional checks by a physician or a gynecologist need to be done once a year or from the age of 20. From the age of 40, women should schedule a mammogram every year however, if you have a family history of breast cancer, even if it is only one relative, then it is advised to start having them sooner in life as well as more frequently.

What is a mammogram?

It is a special X-ray of the breasts that is able to detect a lump a fraction of the size of what the fingers can feel. This is the most effective way to find breast cancer early – up to two years before the lump is even large enough to feel. Your breast is rested on a shelf and the X-ray machine is slowly pressed down against it until you can feel pressure. This pressure spreads the breast tissue apart so the X-ray can pick up anything unusual. Although this procedure is slightly uncomfortable, it is not painful

Checking yourself for lumps.

Visual Inspection:

Stand in front of a mirror. Look at your breasts firstly while standing with your arms at your sides, then raised above your head, then with your hands on your hips and your chest muscles flexed. Any unusual increase in size of one breast in particular or if one breast is noticeably lower than the other might be a warning sign.

Lie down on the floor with a pillow under your left shoulder and your left hand behind your head. With the right hand, using only the pads of your three middle fingers, inspect your left breast. Start at the outer edge of your breast and move in circles moving closer in towards your nipple with each circle. Gently squeeze your nipple and look for any discharge/fluid coming out of the nipple. Move the pillow to under the right shoulder and repeat the process with the left hand. It is important to inspect the lymph nodes under the arm as well as all the way up to the collar bone.

Another way to feel for lumps is in a wedge formation. Imagine your breast being divided into wedge shape pieces radiating out from the nipple. Use the same three fingers and massage in a line from the outside of the breast toward the nipple. Repeat this in a clockwise circle.

If you find a lump in your breast, contact your doctor immediately. Don’t panic. Eight percent of lumps are non-cancerous but still need to be checked

Other warning signs include:

Sticky or bloody nipple discharge.
Unusual hardening or thickening of your breasts.
Any change in the appearance (like puckering or pimpling) of skin around the nipples and breasts.

For Women Only: Tips for Healthy Living

Whatever your age may be, staying healthy always begins with having a balanced diet, maintaining your ideal weight, and taking the time to exercise regularly. A Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention report concluded that half of all cancer risks can actually be reduced by healthy living. The diet must contain high fiber, low fat, and little or no red meat. Exercise must be done regularly, and alcohol should be eliminated or reduced significantly. Of course, smoking must also be stopped. For women in particular, studies show that healthy living can reduce the risk of heart disease significantly.

Visit the doctor.

Though often neglected, a very important thing that all women should do in order to keep themselves healthy is to visit their gynaecologist regularly. Their annual physical examination should include a Pap smear (for those who are 18 years old and above, or even younger if the woman is already sexually active). The Pap smear is a very reliable screening tool for cancer that has been shown to result in a decrease in the rate of cervical cancer.

As for annual mammograms, there is a debate about the ideal age when this should be taken. In general though, doctors agree that mammograms are recommended for those from forty to fifty years old. However, as soon as girls reach puberty, they should learn how to do breast self-exam until that it becomes a regular monthly habit.

Annual physical examinations that check basics such as weight and blood pressure should be done for women between the ages of 25 and 64. However, after hitting the 50-year-old mark, all women should ask to be tested for colon cancer.

Women should also take the time for a regular dental visit. This will ensure that your smile (and your teeth) will remain healthy.

Pay attention to nutrition.

Calcium is very important for all women, from babies to old ladies. Recent studies show that taking calcium supplements may help prevent up to half of all PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) symptoms such as cramps. Taking daily calcium supplements is required after menopause to prevent the onslaught of osteoporosis.

Taking vitamin E supplements (about 400-800 mg per day) is recommended for menopausal women. The additional vitamin E is said to reduce night sweats and hot flashes and night sweats, which are typical complaints of those experiencing menopause.

Pregnant women should take folic acid supplements to significantly reduce the risk of your child having birth defects.

Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday in order to flush the impurities from the body and to be able to maintain proper hydration.

Get moving

Women are more prone to be sedate, so you must really find ways to incorporate exercise into the daily schedule. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, take a walk around the block to get your heart pumping. Do some gardening or yard work to keep your body moving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to get your legs working. Get involved in a regular sport with your other girl friends to make exercise more fun.

My 10 Suppressed Natural Cancer Cures

As I have been saying in previous articles the medical/pharmaceutical owned and controlled cancer establishment do not want you to know that ever since time immemorial there has been cheap, natural and non-toxic cures for cancer.

If any of these non-patentable cures were allowed to be known to the public at large then, as a result, they would seriously undercut the medical/pharmaceutical owned and controlled cancer establishment’s business. So, whether it has been through making these successful alternative cures with their related practitioners illegal or paying off the mainstream media to blackout, ignore or ridicule, even when knowing they do in effect cure cancer, the establishment have shown that money is more important to them than truth.

The establishment’s treatment of cancer: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery largely achieve poor results and cancer is therefore only a major life-threatening illness because of the suppression of the highly effective cheap, natural and non-toxic cures.

So here’s my list of 10 suppressed natural cancer cures. Indeed, this is not an exhaustive account and you may know others. Either way I encourage you to do your own research but beware of the deliberate misinformation media sources with their weak arguments and purposely left out relevant information to make the case against cheap, natural and non-toxic alternative cures look stronger or plausible. Some of them are secretly cancer establishment sponsored!

1. Royal (William) Rife’s Cancer Machine

In the 1930’s California microbiologist Royal Rife after many years put together a ‘universal microscope’ basically designed to focus on cancer cells by identifying their wave frequency of vibration being different to normal cells… The universal microscope could then be used to send beams of a specific frequency from a ray tube which zapped and killed the cancer cells. This Rife called the mortal oscillatory rate which was very successful in destroying cancer in patients. So successful, in fact, Rife’s machine cured 16 out of 16 cancer patients and some had been hopeless cases.

However, into the 1940’s and 50’s well into the manufacture of the cancer machines, having established treatment clinics, Rife found himself caught up in a legal wrangle with the establishment’s big boys such as the American Medical Association. In spite of Rife winning court cases… his equipment was finally laid to rest, seized by the authorities for illegal alternative practices in medicine.

2. Laetrile Cancer Treatment

Ernest Krebs learned that the isolated indigenous Hunsas people living at the foot of the Himalayas lived to very high ages before death. He found that apricot kernels was very much used in their diet, containing high vitamin B17 levels, which he theorised was responsible for contributing to no cancer recorded in this area. He made a refined (distilled) version of vitamin B17 and called it laetrile. It was found that laetrile or B17 destroyed the enzyme beta-glycosidase in the cancer cell’s metabolic pathway and thus could cure cancer when using it as a therapy.

Bad science (deliberate?), politics, corporate greed and adverse publicity basically destroyed this great discovery from getting deserved recognition at large…

3. Harry Hoxey’s Herbal Remedies

Successful businessman Harry Hoxey after curing his horse with cancer used the same paste-applied herbal remedy on people. His herbal formula had achieved 80% success over 80 years. In the 1960’s his clinic in Texas was shut down for illegal practices… All for curing people of cancer. A former nurse working with Hoxey’s remedy took the treatment to Mexico which still survives today.

4. Metabolic Nutritional Therapy

This is the idea that certain anti-cancer foods can be used as a strict dietary regime. Again this has been highly successful but the cancer establishment seldom mention nutrition: No money to be made there…

5. Gerson Therapy

This follows on from 4 in the respects that it is a form of metabolic nutritional therapy, using body detoxification to assist in the process. Gerson therapy originally devised by Max Gerson was fully recognised in congress from hearings in the 1920’s but was later struck of the record. One can only assume because of the threat it posed to undercutting the medical/pharmaceutical’s businesses and less governmental revenues… if got to the public at large.

6. Otto Warburg Oxygen Therapy

Another great individual with his pioneering work in the 1930’s was biochemist Otto Warburg. He was unjustly ridiculed by the establishment for coming up with the finding that oxygen is an environment that cancer cells don’t like. Warburg said that cancer cells manifest in an oxygen deprived environment. Why do you think you never hear of cancer of the heart? It’s because the heart contains oxygen rich blood… This has been ignored by the establishment.

7. John Baird Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

At the turn of the 20th century Scottish doctor Baird noticed that during early foetal development the mother’s placental cells behave like cancer cells in that they show rapid growth. By pregnancy day 56, when the foetus has formed its pancreas, it produces pancreatic enzymes that switch off this rapid growth. So basically Baird theorised, given that these placental cells behave like cancer cells in that they exhibit rapid growth, like the foetal cells, could the cancer cells be switched off by pancreatic enzymes? The answer is yes! Yes, cancer could be successfully treated using pancreatic enzymes. However, in spite of its success, the treatment was laid to rest invalidated and radiation therapy was chosen by the establishment instead…

8. Tullio Simoncini Cancer Therapy

Brilliant tenacious Italian doctor Tullio Simoncini has been subjected to huge pressures from the establishment to succumb: In spite of the ridicule and attempts at legal action he continues his work today focussing on treating cancer as a fungus called Candida resulting from a poor immune system. Simoncini found that antifungal treatment did not work. The solution was not only cheap but simple. He gave patients sodium bicarbonate internally through an endoscope (tube). This allows the bicarbonate to go directly to the cancer. As mentioned above this great cancer breakthrough has however been largely ignored by the cancer establishment.

9. Stanislaw Burzynski Antineoplastons

There is a movie available to see on U-Tube called “Cancer Is a Serious Business.” This award winning scandalous true story movie made my cry. It shows how a medical man &biochemist Dr Stanislaw Burzynski discovered a cancer cure using gene therapy, but had to deal with the mite of the American Food and Drug Administration who tried to criminalise him for his practices. A 14 year 60 million dollar US tax payer’s money legal battle ensued… The fact that he had help saved many lives, curing sometimes even hopeless cancer cases was never the issue! The real issue was the fact that Dr Burzynski was undercutting the cancer establishment’s business…

10. Anti-Oxidants

The late great scientist twice Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling was turned down when he tried to get funding with his colleagues for further research on vitamin C and its role in fighting cancer: He found that leukaemia sufferers had low levels of vitamin C. When these sufferers were given frequently high doses of vitamin C they went into remission (recovery)… Pauling also discovered that frequent vitamin C high dosing stops the migratory pathways that cancer cells use to metastasise (spread). It is inconceivable to me that this could be ignored but has been (and still is).

In summary

The above clearly shows that the medical/pharmaceutical establishment has the upper hand in controlling cancer. Power, political gain and profit are indeed the ulterior motives. I would encourage the reader to do his/her own study and learn to discern: For example, look at the mass media reports on cancer and ask yourself does this have vested interest. Ask yourself who stands to gain..?