Immunoprotein Diagnostic Testing Market is Expected to Reach USD 15.4 Billion Globally in 2019

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Immunoproteins play a vital role in launching an immune response against an antigen. These immunoproteins show a minimal serum level under normal conditions, but on exposure to antigen, their levels increase 10 to 100 fold within 24 to 48 hours. This characteristic property of immunoproteins has been exploited in the field of disease diagnosis and has now become an integral part of the healthcare sector. With the rising incidences of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, malaria, and various viral infections, quick and confirmed diagnosis has become a prime need in hospitals and diagnostic centers worldwide. The aging of population has added to the number of individuals seeking medical attention and is expected to continue rising in the future. Moreover, the prevalence of allergies and autoimmune diseases whose diagnosis is even more critical is also on the rise. The collective effect of these incidences will propel the immunoprotein diagnostic testing market to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2013 to 2019.

The immunoprotein diagnostic testing market has been segmented on the basis of technology into radioimmunoassay, enzyme based immunoassay, chemiluminescence assay, immunofluorescence assay, immunoturbidity assay, and immunoprotein electrophoresis. The enzyme based immunoassay segment which includes enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and multiplex ELISA, covers the maximum market share owing to the longstanding ELISA market. Other market segments such as chemiluminescence face challenges particularly since end users do not wish to replace already existing fully functional ELISA technology. Expensive instruments and reluctance of laboratory workers to upgrade their knowledge and technology has added to the woes of this market. But, with obsolescence of installed base and demand for better diagnostic services, the market for traditional ELISA is expected to shrink. Chemiluminescence assays are becoming increasingly popular as they are similar to ELISA; multiplex chemiluminescence assays have also become popular in the diagnostic industry.

Growing knowhow about various cancer biomarkers coupled with innovation in biotechnology has made cancer testing easier and more accurate. Application of multiplex ELISA in cancer diagnosis has enabled simultaneous analysis of multiple biomarkers. Free Light Chain (FLC) assays by The Binding Site have been widely used in diagnosis and monitoring of patients with multiple myeloma. Enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT) patented technology by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is used for toxicology testing. ImmunoCAP by Phadia, a Thermo Fisher Scientific company, has been a standard in allergy testing. Various such assay technologies have contributed in making the diagnostics market dynamic and growing.

Geographically, North America lead the market in 2012, while Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (which comprises Africa, Middle East and Latin America) are anticipated to be the most attractive markets in the near future. Rising per capita income, increasing awareness about available medical services, and medical tourism has boosted the market growth in these nations.

The global immunoprotein diagnostic testing market is segmented as follows:

Immunoprotein Diagnostic Testing Market, by Technology

Enzyme based immunoassay
Chemiluminescence assay
Immunofluorescence assay
Immunoturbidity assay
Immunoprotein electrophoresis
Immunoprotein Diagnostic Testing Market, by Immunoprotein Type

Complement system protein diagnostic tests
Free Light Chain diagnostic tests
Haptoglobin diagnostic tests
Immunoglobulin diagnostic tests
Prealbumin diagnostic tests
C-reactive protein diagnostic tests

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Immunoprotein Diagnostic Testing Market, by Application

Infectious Disease Testing
Oncology Testing
Endocrine Testing
Toxicology Testing
Allergy Testing
Autoimmune testing
Immunoprotein Diagnostic Testing Market, by Geography

North America
Rest of the World (RoW)

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