The Brown Seaweed Component Fucoidan Works To Fight Cancer

Cutting edge medical research is being done worldwide on putting together new compounds that have targeted action. Results from the past are informing this research and laying the path to future medical improvement. The medicine from ages past is being looked at again and modernized with the knowledge we have gained with technology. Science is revealing the secrets held within the medicinal plants that have been used for generations. One such plant is a brown seaweed that contains the compound Fucoidan.

Fucoidan is part of the cell wall and gives the seaweed a shiny luster. It is a polysaccharide, which just means a natural carbohydrate and science is studying it to see what it can do. A study in Japan found that fucoidan had an effect on angiogenesis, which is the main mechanism by which tumors grow. Fucoidan was found to inhibit angiogenesis.

In addition to being antiangiogenic, Fucoidan also helps promote the death of lymphoma cells. There are a number of theories for this but it?s being narrowed down to two specific types of compound: U-Fucoidan and F-Fucoidan. Results have also shown a correlation between Fucoidan and the way the immune system naturally kills invaders. This means that tumor growth is being inhibited by the immune system.

Fucoidan studies have shown that the way this compound fights tumors is by preventing their attachment inside the body. Once a tumor anchors itself, it then goes on to spread through the body through metastasis. The results are not ready for prime-time so to speak but they show a great deal of promise.

That doesn?t mean that Fucoidan is not effective in helping the body heal or stay healthy. Research does support its role in a variety of health issues. Back to the ancient ways: the brown seaweed has been thought for generations to help with allergies, inflammation, and fighting infection as well.

Foods that are naturally good for you with targeted, specific action is something of a new concept in science. There are a number of foods that are now thought to be ?superfoods?, like pomegranates, and Fucoidan just may be headed to that classification. It?s not well known yet, but Fucoidan does have an abundance of research that supports it, and cancer research on the way.

So the question is this: should we be taking Fucoidan in hopes of preventing cancer? Since there are no side-effects and there are so many well-known benefits, maybe adding this compound to your daily routine would be a good move. Limu Plus is a drink cocktail that includes Fucoidan, aloe vera and green tea. It?s an easy and yummy way to add Fucoidan to your day. Give your immune system a boost and add this great product to your life. As they say: it couldn?t hurt.

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