Friday shout out……teachers!

Hello friends!

A few weeks ago I started my Friday SHOUT OUT and sadly that is the last time I posted.  I am a terribly inconsistent blogger.  Props to you bloggers who are so on top of your game!  My goal is to try to post 2 times a week, and that may be lofty some weeks.  Many school years started this week!  It’s that time of year again where I get giddy over school supplies and planning for a year filled will learning fun.  Today I give my SHOUT OUT to TEACHERS…..they definitely deserve it! 

Yes, I know I am a teacher and you may think it is weird that I am giving a SHOUT OUT to the group I belong to, but that’s okay.  I am so proud to be called a teacher and to be a part of a community of people that I respect and admire.  I am who I am today in part because I had amazing teachers!

There was a time when teachers simply worked the school day hours of 8:30-4 (or what not), packed up their bags, and headed home for the day.  That hasn’t happened since the days when students wrote on small chalkboards! The teachers I know arrive at least an hour before the students and remain at school at least an hour after the students.  The teachers I know don’t have 3 months of summer vacation.  They spend any downtime attending professional development seminars.  They work on adding to their already advanced degrees.  They attend teaching conventions to learn about the latest strategies and technologies that they can incorporate into their curriculum.  They tutor.  They start from scratch with lesson planning to try and improve what they did last year.  They train new teachers and speak with veteran teachers about new skills they could apply in the classroom.  They never stop learning!  They say they are going to slow down and take it easy, but take on new projects that they believe will benefit the children they teach.  They are truly dedicated professionals.

There was a time in life where a teacher was a teacher.  Nowadays, the word teacher is very multifaceted.  Teachers not only teach, they act as coaches, counselors, cheerleaders, nurses, referees, caretakers, personal assistants, secretaries, accountants, advocates….the list goes on!

Ladies and gentlemen of the education world, you deserve a SHOUT OUT for going above and beyond to make the lives and minds of your students better!  YOU MATTER!!  

If you’re really lucky, you get to work with amazing teachers like I do who do and are everything I listed above.  They also have no shame and do things like this to entertain their students and promote school spirit!  I’m so lucky to be a part of their team!

Happy Friday TEACHERS!  My SHOUT OUT is for YOU!  I wish you a fabulous learning year!



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