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For the first time, college special event coordinators will have the opportunity to attend a convention/trade-show suitable to their diverse programming needs. Other associations are great for viewing comedy and musical acts, but offer very few opportunities to interact and observe the range of novelty programs available on the market. Special Event Showcase Inc. (SES) exclusively focuses on those novelty event needs.

It is important to note that when booking live acts, there is often more opportunity to make informed decisions about the act that you are considering. Typically, programmers request videos, cd’s or have the opportunity to witness a live performance at a convention. When booking novelty events, often times, you are left hoping that the vendor shows up on time with the event they promised.

SES’s purpose is to alleviate this problem by providing and environment with an open forum to view and play with the entertainment, and meet with the vendors that produce the events. By attending SES, you will experience the diversity and sophistication of the mobile novelty events that are available. The novelty market is as diverse in options as the live entertainment market. For your convenience, vendors who exhibit at SES will deliver the highest quality entertainment concepts ranging in all price ranges.

Attending SES will benefit your programming staff because it presents the opportunity to do more than collect catalogs and listen to one sales pitch after another. Whether you experience free-falling at 120 mph in the countries’ only vertical wind tunnel, creating a CD to show your friends, checking out the latest in ARS system shows, or trying the latest virtual reality simulator, you are guaranteed to return home with the vast knowledge of what is available, and what is to come in novelty, interactive entertainment.

SES is a conference like none you’ve ever attended. Not only is the quality of the conference important to us, but so is the quality of the food. When you arrive at the conference, you will be given an SES Dining Card with a pre-set value (determined through registration). The SES card gives you to the freedom to choose where you dine from a variety of top-restaurants in the city! What more could you ask for!

Come to the Special Event Showcase for free!!
Every SES college delegate will receive a coupon, in the amount of the delegate fee paid, to be used towards the cost of booking any special event on exhibit at SES. In addition, SES will also be giving one coupon to each school member organization, in the amount of the SES membership fee, to be used towards the cost of booking any special event on exhibit at SES! If you book your interactive events at SES, the discounts will help maximize your programming budget! SES wants you to experience interactive entertainment, enjoy the sumptuous dining in downtown restaurants and network with ‘the giants’ of the corporate event industry — at our expense!

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