About Us:

The Somali Community and
Development Center (SCDC) is a
non-profit organization promoting
support and understanding of the Somali
peoples and their various cultures. The
SCDC is bridging the gap between the
Somali Community and the larger
community. Moreover, the SCDC promotes
understanding and opportunity through
economic, educational, and social

The Somali Community and Development
Center (SCDC) is to serve immigrant
community in Arizona. The services we
offer are designated to enhance and
improve the lives of individuals and
families emigrated from Somalia, such
programs and services to include
education, health and advocacy programs.

The Somali Community Development Center
(SCDC) members are volunteers with aim
of creating awareness of the different
cultures in this area. Our main
organizational mission is to eliminate
barriers to full participation in
society. Believing through understanding
each other, we will gain a greater
appreciation for our differences. This
will lead to feelings of peace,
happiness, and respect for everyone.
Besides that, the SCDC is educating
health providers about the Somali
cultural health-beliefs.

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