Google nexus 6: the smartphone that’s creating a lot of buzz

Google Nexus 6: The Smartphone That’s Creating A Lot of Buzz 


It has only been a couple of months since the Google Nexus 5 was released and the tech buffs have already started contemplating about the features and specifications of the next product in line. Reporters have commented that developers at Google are giving their best shot in developing this phone so that Nexus 6emerge as the flagship smartphone of the year 2014 and give a tough competition to all the other existing mobile manufacturers. Rumour has it that Nexus 6 will come with cutting edge features that remained unseen till today in any of smartphones. These features include octa processor supported by a 4GB RAM, 6 inch screen size as this a phablet style phone, 128 internal storage capacity, 18 megapixel camera along with image stabilization features, high definition display and many more. 

The advanced specifications of this phone will make it the hot favourite of different age groups as it will be able to meet up with their divergent needs. The superfast processor of this phone will help the users to use this phone for doing important tasks as well as for playing games or watching movies. 

Moreover, there are rumours that Google is not only focusing on the hardware specifications of the phone, but at the same time trying to refurbish the looks of the phone. If we are to believe the insiders, the drab plastic back cover of the phone will be replaced by a metallic one which is definitely going to make the phone appear chic. Therefore, we are Google Nexus 6 to be perfect blend of technology and style quotient catering to divergent needs and expectations of the potential consumers. 

However, the best part is that Google is planningthis power packed smartphone at a competitive price so that the potential buyers do not have to think twice while placing the order for this phone. Though it is too early to determine the release date of this phone, yet if we closely watch the trend of Google product release, then we can expect an October 2014 release. 

The combination of all these factors like awesome feature, affordable price and classy appearance make Google Nexus 6, one of the most desirable phones that going to get released in 2014. We just hope that it gets far better than the rumoured expectations and thus providing us with more reasons to buy it!!

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