Actos in a wider view

General information
Actos was approved on July 1999 and was used for treatment of endocrinology. Actos was approved for treatment of the type II diabetes. It is known as an insulin sensitizing agent.

Actos should be taken once a day and it has four therapy indications. It can be used as mono-therapy, can be combined with insulin, with metformin, or sulfonylureas to help improve the contol or the management of the blood sugar level of people with type II diabetes.

The Food and Drug Association approved the said drug basing it to a review data form of previous existing studies regarding the drug. The studies were conducted before the drug has been submitted by the company to FDA and the study involves almost more than a thousand people who used actos. In the study, people involved used actos and every trial results to the significant reduction of their blood sugar or blood glucose level.

Side effects
The most common side effects that can be experienced using the use of actos are symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection. It also includes headache, sinusitis, muscle pain, tooth disorder, and sore throat. However, some serious effects such as swelling of ankles, hands, wrist and fist can also be experienced as well as weight gain. Fluid retention that can cause heart failure and the later connection of the possible risk of bladder cancer is now also being studied by the FDA as side effects of the said drug.

Additional Data
Patients with the type II diabetes usually have high levels of bad cholesterol and low level of good cholesterol in their body. These abnormalities can be possible cause of heart disease. The actos also works as a balancer of the good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in the body whether through mono-therapy or with combination to other treatments. However, taking actos also requires patient to have regular check ups and tests for precautionary measures.

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