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Certified Access Specialist program – CASp

ADA Lawsuits are reaching epidemic levels. Nearly every day more businesses are served with lawsuits, and settlement demands that usually range between $5,000 and $35,000 dollars or more. NO BUILDINGS ARE GRANDFATHERED! And a recent inspection by a city or county building inspector is no guarantee that you are ADA compliant.

We are Certified by the State of California under the Certified Access Specialist program (CASp) Program. Only CASp inspectors can offer you protection as provided under SB 1608 – Senate Bill 1608 (Chapter 549, Statutes 2008) added Civil Code section 55.53(c) which states that every CASp who conducts an inspection of a place of public accommodation shall, upon completing the inspection of the site, provide the building owner or tenant who requested the inspection with a notice, which the State Architect shall make available as a form on the State Architect’s Internet Web site.

What does SB-1608 mean to you?

This new law provides some measure of protection for California business owners. The law provides for the certification of inspectors by the California Division of the State Architect. The Certified Access Specialist program (CASp) educates and tests inspectors.

A business that is inspected by a CASp, and performs the necessary upgrades, will be issued a certificate indicating that the premises was inspected and certified as accessible. If subsequent lawsuits are filed, the business owner will have 90 days to remedy the non-complying item. During that time no money demands can be made. We recommend that you read the full text of SB1608.

When you have your business inspected by us, and perform the upgrades as outlined in the inspection report, you will be issued a certificate of compliance. This will provide you with a 90 stay from any lawsuits or money demands.

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