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“Children with diabetes type 2 is a modern day common chronic condition and would normally affect the way a child’s body metabolizes sugar/ glucose.

Even though commonly associated with adults, type 2 diabetes in children in on the rise lately – largely fueled by the obesity epidemic. In the US, type 2 diabetes is becomingly increasingly common as diabetes kids are mostly overweight.

Generally, diabetes requires close attention. With some practical knowledge, you can become your diabetes kid’s ally in learning to cope with the disease. Encouraging your kids to eat “, maintain a healthy weight through plenty of physical activity can help manage or prevent type 2 diabetes in children.

Children with diabetes type 2  at times develops gradually. Some diabetes kids have no signs and symptoms at all. However, some may experience increased urination, hunger, and thirst.

As excess sugar accumulates in your kid’s bloodstream, fluid is pulled from tissues, leaving the child feeling thirsty. Alternatively, the increased hunger results from insufficient insulin to transport sugar into the child’s cells, and his or her muscles and organs are depleted of energy.

Despite eating more to relieve hunger, children with diabetes may still experience weight loss. Without energy sugar supplies to the body cells, muscle tissues and fat stores will shrink, leading to fatigue.

However, the ” is often as a result of very high blood sugar levels, which pull fluid from the lenses of your child’s eyes and affecting their ability to focus clearly.

Causes Of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes often starts when the body develops resistance to insulin or when pancreas produces less insulin than it should be.

The main reason why this happens remains unknown. However, excess weight, inactivity, and genetic factors are some of the common causes.

Insulin, secreted from the pancreases into the bloodstream lowers the amount of sugar in the child’s bloodstream; it helps sugar enter body cells.

However, in children with diabetes, sugar builds up in your child’s bloodstream instead on moving into the cells. Normally, this is caused by less insulin secretion by the child’s pancreas.


Types 2 diabetes is easy to ignore during its early stages. However, if not taken seriously, the condition may affect virtually any major organs in your child’s body. Maintaining your child’s blood sugar level near normal could greatly reduce the risks.

It may cause nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, foot damage, and heart and blood vessel disease. The earlier diabetes develops, the greater the concern as it may damage even the tiny blood vessels that eliminate waste from the body.

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